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November 5, 2008

November Newsletter

Every dollar given through Good Shepherd Ministries is working to provide 2000+ Haitian children and adults with the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ and a Christian education.

We know that, despite the world’s troubles, God, who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, will continue to supply the financial needs of His work at Good Shepherd Ministries. And that God, nor His people are limited by the economy of man. May God richly bless you as you remain faithful to His work.

2 Corinthians 8 & 9

“Praise God from whom all blessings flow”

“The Story of Taylor Martin”

We begin this report with a wonderful story about an 11 year old young lady form Eureka Baptist Church, in the little town of Lincoln, AL. In May of this year, our administrator, Lamar Lyon, was invited to do a missions program at the Awana awards night at Eureka Baptist Church. The night went well, and Lamar returned to his normal duties with GSM. The church had no pastor at the time, so it was a surprise when, in August, Lamar received a phone call from the new pastor asking that he come and accept an offering of $1,117.00 from the church. Lamar asked where it came from. The answer was that a young lady was moved by the program, made some posters, placed them around the church, and began to carry a box to church asking people to help the children of Haiti. It wasn’t long before she had received this grand offering for the Lord’s work. The picture here is of Taylor presenting Lamar with a check for GSM during the morning worship service. Isn’t our Lord wonderful! Thank you Taylor.

“Storm Report”

I am sure that many of you are wondering how things are after four hurricanes and tropical storms swept across Haiti during August and September. Well, thankfully, the facilities of GSM were untouched by any damage. But the people of Haiti did not fare as well. Gonaives, the 4th largest city in Haiti, was devastated by mudslides. And despite all the media attention, there has been very little significant help. The media attention has subsided, but the hardship remains. The main road from Port-au-Prince to Cap Haitien was washed away in several places, cutting off food and supplies to most of the country. In September, gasoline was around $13.00 U.S. per gallon in northern Haiti. One of the saddest things is that Ike, which swept across northern Haiti in September, stripped most of the fruit trees of their fruit. Since fruit is such an important part of the Haitian food supply, this loss is very difficult. Continue to pray for the people of Haiti as food supplies tighten, and the cost of living continues to go up.

“The Cost of Living”

The cost of living in Haiti is very high. It is becoming more expensive each day to maintain the work of GSM. Diesel fuel to power our compound is around $10.00 U.S. Gasoline was around $13.00 in September. It has come down a little, but not much. Bill & Sandy are having a more difficult time finding food. The grocery store in Cap Haitien, where Bill & Sandy usually do their grocery shopping, has shut down. We are not sure why. But is has become more difficult to buy groceries. The meager salaries we offer our teachers and workers doesn’t go far for them either. They need raises. Please keep Bill & Sandy, and the people of Haiti in your prayers as we continue to shine the Light of Christ into this darkened country. And please pray that God’s people would remain generous and consistent in the support of His work in this desperate country.

Milot street scene: children at play Biclaire: children in the classroom

“Glad Tidings of Great Joy”

Our annual Christmas bag ministry for our school children and staff is moving ahead wonderfully. As this newsletter is being written, the container with all the Christmas bags, and much more, is at sea between Miami and Cap Haitien. Our supporting churches, schools, and individuals have done a wonderful job of providing the bags, supplies, and financial support for the ministry. Around 2300 bags were provided for our children and adults. They weighed in at over 16,000 lbs ! Thank you ! We will send a picture CD to our Christmas supporters after we finish the ministry. Watch for that. We also want to thank Pamela Pickett for leading the efforts in Melbourne, and Harbor City Baptist Church, who kindly provides the processing and staging area we need before the bags board the ship for Haiti. Also, thanks to John Allfrey and his merry men, Otis Everett and Wayne Simpkins, for transporting over 1000 bags from around the southeast to our staging point in Melbourne. Continue praying for our Christmas ministry this year as a team from Calvary Fellowship in Arden, NC goes down to help with the distribution. And may God grant you a Merry Christmas.

“Sewing School & Computer Lab”

Things are really moving ahead for our Vocational School at Milot. We have a goal of beginning a sewing school and computer lab by early next year. A huge amount of work and activity has been taking place to move us toward our goal. Glen Iris Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL has been very instrumental in furnishing and equipping the sewing school with machines, tables, chairs, and material. Lynda and Jack Criswell, also from Glen Iris, will be going down in February to set up the schools and train people to lead the sewing school and computer lab respectively. Providence Baptist Church, in Clanton AL, is sending a team in February to put a much needed new roof on the vocational building so that things will stay dry. Providence also provided the funding and materials for the roof. Thank you to everyone, and be in prayer for all of these activities.

“10th Anniversary of Bill & Sandy with GSM”

Congratulations and thank you Bill & Sandy for 10 years of ministry with GSM. These 10 years have seen a wonderful work of rebuilding and strengthening the ministry. We pray that God would grant you many more years of service to GSM and the people of Haiti. We are all amazed at how you faithfully persevere. It is a testimony of the calling God has placed on your lives, the grace He provides, and your trust in Him. Our board of directors honored Bill & Sandy during the August board meeting in Melbourne. And Harbor City Baptist Church hosted a banquet in their honor in September. One of the surprises was that Bill & Sandy’s children came down for the occasion. A large crowd of supporters turned out for the banquet. Thank you all!

Bill & Sandy with Board President Roy Adams Bill & Sandy receiving plaque Big crowd at Harbor City banquet The Younger family ← ↑ Now this must have been an interesting conversation!

“Solar Well”

In September we were able to install a solar pumping system into one of our unused wells at the Milot compound. The effort was successful. It pumps from 500-800 gals. per day with sun power. The electric pump in our other well runs off of diesel generated electricity. So this lessens our dependency on expensive diesel fuel, and lowers our costs. This new water source will help keep the bath house and mission house tanks full. Thank you to the kind man who bought this system for us.

“Completed Bath House”

Below is a picture of our much needed and now completed bath house for our children at Milot. It is an engineering work of art designed by Clayton Bennett of Harbor City Baptist Church, in Melbourne, FL. It has 10 seats and 10 showers. And we flush it with one big flush, twice a day. It is not a water saver design! Each flush uses a whopping 250 gallons of water. But the big flush does make a nice sound, and the solar water pump provides the water for free.

“Feeding Center Nearly Complete”

Another of our goals is to provide a meal for our school children at Milot. We continue to move closer to that goal. We have the ovens we need. We have the funds for utensils. And in September, a team went down and put a new roof on the building. The old one was rusted out so badly that the men would sometimes break through the metal as they walked on it. What remains are two formidable needs: 1) a consistent source of food to feed nearly 1000 children per day, and 2) the manpower to prepare for and serve that many people. The food source will need to be local due to problems with customs, duty taxes, and shipping expenses. Funding may be an important need. Please keep this project in your prayers.

“Things to Pray for”

● NOVEMBER MEDICAL TEAM: God has answered our prayers and supplied a good team for our Nov medical ministry. Pray for their protection and that they would have a great week sharing the love of God.

God has richly blessed our annual “Hope of Christmas” Christmas bag ministry. Churches and individuals have abundantly supplied our needs for gift bags and finances for this effort. The bags are on the ship as this letter goes out to you. Pray that God would protect and keep these gifts and missionary supplies. Pray for the team that will go in December to help with the ministry.

● FEEDING CENTER AT MILOT: we have a goal of feeding a meal a day to our school children in Milot. We are continuing to move toward that goal. We have the ovens we need, a new roof on the feeding center, and the funds for utensils. Now we need to secure a local source for our food supply, and dedicated personnel that can cook for and serve nearly 1000 children per day.

● TEAMS: for God to continue calling people out to supply the teams we need for various ministries & projects.

● FINANCIAL NEEDS: that God would continue to move people and that God would abundantly supply the financial needs of GSM.

● MORNING BIBLE STUDY: that God would continue to bless and strengthen the daily Bible study.

● ENCOURAGEMENT: pray that God would continue to inspire and strengthen Bill & Sandy in the course of their daily service.

● ADOPTION: Bill & Sandy are in the process of adopting a young 11 year old girl. Her name is Amy.

● CLEANTE: is a 34 year old wife and mother of 4 children who lives in the Biclaire area. She has an advanced cancer that is eating her face away. Pray for GSM, Cleante, and her family as we seek God’s help for her. Pray that God would grant a miracle of healing.

● OUR CHRISTAN SCHOOLS: they remain the core of what we do. Everything flows into & out of this work and the great host of relationships & activities this offers. Pray for our teachers & principals. We are thankful for their faithfulness. We want them to grow in their ownership of the missionary vision of GSM. - changing hearts - changing children - changing a nation – one child at a time -

“Bulletin Board”

1) UPDATE INFORMATION - as always, help us keep our newsletter mailing list current. If you don’t want to receive our newsletter anymore, or need to update your address, e-mail, telephone, or are getting multiple copies, please call 334-365-5219 or e-mail . Thanks!

2) DO YOU NEED A SPEAKER FOR YOUR CHURCH OR GROUP ? - Lamar Lyon, our Director of U.S. Operations will be glad to come and share a nice multi-media presentation about the country of Haiti and the work of GSM. Call or e-mail to set a date: office 334-365-5219 cell 334-301-4764

“A Special Thank You”

For your faithful support of Good Shepherd Ministries. We love you & appreciate your partnership in His work.

“A Special Christmas Gift”

We hope you will prayerfully consider a special year end Christmas contribution for the work of Good Shepherd Ministries. Your generosity is much needed, and deeply appreciated. We know God will bless you.

“Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven.” – Math 6:20

So until next time, thank you for your continued prayer and support …

In Christ’s glorious service,

Good Shepherd Ministry Haiti minister to poor Haiti Children by providing a free education

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