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Good Shepherd Ministries' Short-Term Missions

Would you savor the opportunity to exercise your faith, practice your Christian training, and share your talents and expertise with the people of another race and culture?

Shepherd Teams provides the avenue for just such an experience. You may be saying, "Just what could I do?" The answer is simply- "Whatever you're doing at home, on the job, at church, in learning or fixing things, you could find some great use for on the mission field." Teams are often flavored with a variety of talents and there is a place to use all of them. Most projects vary according to the needs of the Mission at that time, and the talents and abilities of the team.

Why Have Shepherd Teams?
The purpose is twofold:
(1) It gives Christian laymen the opportunity to share their love, talents, and gifts with others, and at the same time experience the excitement of foreign missions.
(2) It provides assistance with projects, and exposure to the work of the mission and its needs.

General Information

Enter into each new experience with an open mind, and a flexible attitude. Enjoy things that seem to blow your best laid plans and accept all of the delays, frustrations, and setbacks as part of mission work. Keep in mind this Mission needs you at your best.

Health Practices:
Malaria pills and a tetanus shot are recommended but not required. The team will also be given some "survival instructions" at the orientation meeting the first evening on the field. Some preliminary advice to remember; always question the water! Know where the water comes from and if it's drinkable. Eat only food prepared in the Mission kitchen. Fruit and vegetable must be washed in pure water before eating.

Shepherd Assignments:
G.S.M.I. will be responsible for having shepherds on the field with each team. They will be responsible for the projects and ministry efforts of the group while in Haiti. When duties are assigned, whether on the work site or in the kitchen cannot be traded off without the permission of the team leader. Team members are expected to be prompt to their assignment and see it through to the end.

Publishing Good News:
Evangelistic street meetings and visitation to out-stations where one can participate in bringing the "Good News" to the people are experiences never to be forgotten. One afternoon you may quit work early to go with the national pastor and visit some of his parishioners. You'll be deeply moved by the life style and faith of these national Christians.

What Should I Take?
Weather in Haiti is hot in the summer and warm in winter. Lightweight clothing is appropriate for both seasons.

Dress Code for Mission Bon Berger:
Modest casual attire is appropriate for travel, town and evangelical services. Women should wear skirts or dresses when going off the Mission compound unless otherwise specified. Men should wear casual trousers and shirts with collars and bring a necktie for Sunday. Blue jeans and T-shirts are recommended for the work site. Tank tops for men are acceptable on the job, but not for wearing off mission property, such as to the village or to church.

Girls should avoid wearing tight blouses or short skirts. Knee lenght shorts may be worn on the compound. Women may wear culottes or split skirts that come to or below the knees for work and in the villages, but not at church.

How Do I Get Involved?
Please download an application, call the office for team dates and ask for an application, or use our contact page to send us a message directly. Passport is required!

Special Projects:
Anyone desiring to do a special project within or related to the Mission must have the approval of the Administrator.

Extended Stay:
Anyone going down with the team must return with the team. Extended time must be approved prior to leaving the States.

Recruiting Teams:
Any pastor, layman, or Christian organizations that wishes to recruit a team must work with G.S.M.I. administrator.

Refund Policy:
Due to the cost of planning and plane reservations, any cancellations made after registration date will forfeit registration fee of $100.00. Cancellations within two weeks prior to departure will forfeit 50% of the team cost.

Cancellations within the week of departure will forfeit the total cost as team member expenses for airfare, project material, etc. have already been paid and cannot be reimbursed to the Mission.

Due to the nature of the team, travel arrangements, length of stay, and number of team members the cost will vary. Please contact the office for a quote for your trip.

Please Bring:

  • copy of passport
  • Casual dress outfit and Good dress outfit for church service
  • 1 tie (men)
  • 1 pair casual shoes
  • 1 pair work shoes
  • Toiletries, toilet paper and soap
  • Sunglasses, brim hat, and sunscreen
  • Flashlight and Batteries
  • Mosquito repellant
  • 1 roll of toilet paper
  • Weight Limit:Thirty pounds. If your baggage exceeds 30 pounds, you might be asked to leave excess behind.
  • hand sanitizer and water bottle

Do Not Bring:

  • linens, pillow, towels
  • blow dryers, jewelry
  • ipods, computers (do a technology fast)

  • Good Shepherd Ministries of Haiti need your prayers, mission involvement, and financial support to minister to the poor people of Haiti. Good Shepherd Ministries provides Christian education to 1500+ children in Haiti

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